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Allweblinks 1.5.3 – for Joomla! 1.5.x

The way to show of your weblinks


You have just installed Allweblinks, the versatile plugin to show your weblinks for Joomla!-powered sites. All Weblinks can show your weblinks on various ways in you document position.

Minimum Syntax: {all_weblinks}1{/all_weblinks}

Extendend Syntax: {all_weblinks show_hits=[1] show_new=[1] new_window=[1] show_description=[1]}2{/all_weblinks}

Specify nothing for all categories and 2,5,6 to show some categories.

Currently there are 6 parameters to use in the call

  • show_hits
  • show_new
  • new_window
  • show_header
  • moduleclass_sfx
  • show_description

The call is like this {all_weblinks show_new=[1]}1{/all_weblinks} gives the links for category 1 and enhances the new ones…

For the moduleclass_sfx you can specify _col, _blocks or something you put in, look at the samples on the website for the layout


The changelog is available on-line on the SJL Creations Joomla website.

{all_weblinks show_new=[1]}{/all_weblinks}