Graancirkels – vrije energie?

Met toestemming van de schrijver Gerd Ostrup, plaats ik hier een artikel dat we
volledig op de kunnen lezen.
Vanwege de ruimte heb ik alleen de eerste bladzijd op de gezet.
Ook de commentaren van andere inzenders is interessnat om te lezen. 

Bestudering is  voor de magneetmotor bouwers interessant, daar er een hint wordt gegeven
hoe dat dode punt (sticky point) op te heffen. Onbalans in je ontwerp brengen.

Regarding Hackpen Hill (3), nr Broad Hinton. Wiltshire.
Reported 26th August 2012



Hello again dear readers and friends,
Here the CC-makers presented us a perfectly drawn image, which is not only a ‘masterpiece of art’ but also a masterpiece of confusion – at least when watching it for the very first time.
I have read all your comments and was curious whether you would note the special ’things’ or not.
Before going on here’s the special note:
FAIR USE NOTICE: Any copyrighted material is for the sole purpose of education and NO profit in any way is being obtained.
As I told you in my last report regarding Wappenbury Field 2012-08-15
there is a special image of the MerKaBa depicted which is in clockwise movement:

Also I reminded you to use your higher understanding.
And with this new crop circle you need to use it very much for ‘decoding’ – as you will see.
A MerKaBa is a mysterious vehicle with a special field of energy.
For understanding what it is at all and how it works, you need a ‘higher knowledge’ of ‘higher physics’.
Why I tell you this, you will see in just some moments.
All over the last days and weeks there appeared very remarkable crop circles, which were more or less puzzling.
Almost each of the special circles showed parts of Sacred Geometry. And why it is you must answer yourself.
But 11 inches create more ’torque’, more power to move the wheel. In other words: 11 minus 9 = 2.
The 2 create the torque.By the way: This is the exactly reason (problem) for many people who try to build a permanent magnetic motor. They have no idea how to overcome the obstacle of the balance of permanent magnets = North pole is same strong as south pole. The solution is that they only need an ‘artificial imbalance’ inside the magnetic motor. I have drawn such a magnetic motor and will build soon. I have found the solution how to create the ‘imbalance’ and to overcome the so called ‘sticky point’.
Zie voor de volledige tekst op de website