Jongen van 13 denk Tijdmachine te kunnen bouwen

One 13 year old boy , named Gentill Abdulla, has said that he has a time machine plan that is going to work. I have personally met him and he is an extremely bright boy. Gentill says that his ingenious plans can allow time travel to be possible. He told me " I have done a lot of research on the areas of black holes, time travel, wormholes, magnetism, light, and most importantly gravity. I have devised an experiment that if done correctly could allow time travel . Here is the theory. If you had magnets in front of each other and had one beam of blue light that had been traveling for thousands of years and put that in the middle of these two magnets then turned on lasers on each magnet , and the side they are pointing makes the magnets face each other, and when the magnets are heated have eight smaller magnets on each magnet and make those magnets so that they would repel the big magnet. Then move all these magnets toward the plastic magnet so it will compress it on all sides so it will become smaller than it’s Schwarzschild radius. After this is done the magnets both should become black holes. Since they are facing each other their gravities will act and join these black holes together. There will still be a singularity but it will be magnetic. Now you make a device, that I have also made, that will split the singularity into a ring.This device that  will make a hole in the singularity. Since the string is no longer there the magnets will expand enough to make the singularity into ta ring. You will know if it works because you will be able to see the other side of the hole from the entrance. Since the beam of light is old and the light beam is what is creating the effect you will be able to go back to when that beam of light was first made.So through this it will make a traversable wormhole. The negative energy really won’t be negative energy because since the smaller magnets are repelling the singularity it will push it outward in the opposite way or just rotate the 2 magnets from the begining so you don’t have that problem.Contact me at [email protected]" he has also told me that he has all the paperwork and schematics with him at all times. Gentill says that he is working on a new Grand unification theory and perpetual motion machine.