Symbol Energy Therapy


Het is nu de tijd dat symbool energie de huidige geneesmiddelen gaat aanvullen.
Een techniek die "wonderlijke" resultaten kan geven.
Symbool energie – Informatie overdracht –

Helaas nog in het Engels, maar zo vond ik deze tekst op de gigantische databank waaraan
Woutje vele jaren heeft gewerkt.
Ruim 4000 symbolen die een flinke stapel geven!

Een levenswerk, dat in mei 2010 zijn afronding vond.

Klaar voor gebruik.


Frank Bonte heeft ruim 10 jaar lang Donave via de website nulpuntenergie gepromoot
Woutje Winkler-Prins, heeft ruim 20 jaar aan de Symbool Energie Therapie gewerkt.
foto: Sliedrecht 2008










  • Developed by W.K. Winkler-Prins (born in 1924 in the Netherlands)
  • Introduction
  • Steps towards energy symbol therapy
  • Acupressure
  • Ortomolecular nutrition
  • Touch for health related to acupressure
  • Touch for health and testing food/beverage
  • Touch for health and words (symbols) for food/beverage
  • Touch for health and words, general concepts
  • Touch for health as diagnose method
  • Diagnose leads to remedy
  • Information of words in water
  • Energy of separate letters in water
  • Major change: working without diagnose
  • Standard letter combinations
  • Sanskrit words?
  • Confirmation by Sanskrit expert
  • Is there a language that generates a stronger energy?
  • Atlantis alphabet
  • The use of a pyramid to generate potentiated water
  • The development of the pyramid ‘power field
  • Drawings become the most important source of energy: symbol energy
  • Objects on the power field
  • Drawings became bigger and more complicated 
  • Efficiency
  • Transport of symbol energy: the use of pictures
  • Production of larger quantities of potentiated water
  • Connecting the computer to the power field
  • The same potentiated water for everyone?
  • The role of the power field
  • Archive


Developed by W.K. Winkler-Prins (born in 1924 in the Netherlands)




•    Woutrina Kundrina Winkler-Prins (born in 1924) has been educated as a fysiotherapist.  She has been working as an independent professional in her own practices as well as in several clinics in Amsterdam, Winschoten, Heusden aan de Maas, Eindhoven and Sliedrecht. She lived in the Netherlands and in Italy, currently she’s retired, having domicile in Sliedrecht, the Netherlands.
•    As a fysiotherapist Mrs. Winkler-Prins was accustomed to working with patients with an illness or some kind of trauma, in short, with patients in a phase of imbalance. Her work consisted of restoring the balance through physical exercises, breathing, correcting their attitude and especially by massage.
•    By combining her personal and her work experience Mrs. Winkler-Prins develops the concept that there is information (or energy, or knowledge) outside yourself, that somehow is accessible, that could be valuable for her patients in restoring their balance.
•    This document describes the search of Mrs. Winkler-Prins: on the one hand working out ways to get hold of information from sources outside herself that could contribute to restoring the balance of people, and on the other hand working out ways to send individualized energy to persons in order to facilitate their healing process. In the following chapters you will find the description of the various steps of her search.

Steps towards energy symbol therapy


Mrs. Winkler-Prins came across acupressure in the eighties because of the evident connection with massage. Acupressure works with massage and pressure, it is the sister of acupuncture, that works with needles. This Chinese method teaches that the body has ‘energy streets’, the so called ‘meridians’.* Each meridian feeds an organ and a related group of muscles with energy. Each meridian has a ‘chakra’, where cosmic energy enters. The balance and health of people can be endangered if the flow of energy in the meridians is blocked. You can check the energy flow on the meridians on specific points with a special pen.*  Where the meridians are blocked you can apply acupuncture or acupressure to get the energy flow going again, thus restoring the patient’s balance. In case the energy flow would be blocked for too long, an organ will get damaged. Mrs. Winkler-Prins integrated the acupressure into her massaging techniques.



Ortomolecular nutrition

In the same period that she learnt about acupressure she went to courses and seminars where Mr. G. S. Blokker N.D. (energetic therapist, homeopath and acupuncturist) informed his audience about orthomolecular nutrition. Human beings can receive cosmic energy, but should also eat proper food to be(come) sound and balanced. Proper food being ecological food that gives you energy instead of making you ill or poisoning you slowly. Many people are eating food that isn’t healthy for them. (One of the consequences can be that a person develops hypoglycemia. How can you check for instance if a person suffers from hypoglycemia? Hypoglycemia can cause problems at different organs. Without having to check the organs inside the body, you can check the strength of the related muscle groups according to the acupressure.) To learn more about muscle tests Mrs. Winkler-Prins followed several courses about the ‘Touch for health method’. This method would turn out to be of crucial importance for the development of the symbol energy therapy and, finally, the Donave water.

Touch for health related to acupressure
With the touch for health method you can figure out the condition of the organs by means of muscle tests. The person that is being tested has to give counter pressure to the therapist who pushes or pulls a muscle. The strength or the weakness of the counter pressure of the test person indicates via the related muscle the strength or the weakness of the related organ. In case of weakness the remedy will be acupressure on the relevant spots of the related meridians and a food advice (in the direction of orthomolecular nutrition).


Touch for health and testing food/beverage
The touch for health method is also used to check whether specific food or drinks are good or bad for the tested person, in other words whether they give energy or take away energy of the person. Mostly arm muscle tests* are applied for this use of the touch for health method. If a test person wants to know if sugar is good for him/her he takes sugar** in the one hand while he/she stretches out the other arm. The touch for health therapist tries to push down the stretched arm. If the arm stays strong it indicates that sugar is fine for the tested person. If the arm can relatively easily*** be pushed down by the therapist it indicates that the test person becomes weakened by the use of sugar.

* Other muscles can be used for testing as well. However the arm muscle test is very practical and therefore commonly used.
** You can test any substance in this way, not only sugar.
*** For the tested person it may seem that the therapist hardly pushes in case he/she can hold his/her arm strongly stretched and that the therapist pushes harder in case the arm is being pushed down. However, the therapist pushes with equal force and feels by experience the difference between a stronger or weaker counter push of the tested person. There are also ‘push machines’ that controllably are pushing with the same power through all the testing, giving the same results as tests done by an experienced therapist.
Mrs. Winkler-Prins started to use this application of the touch for health method in her practice.

Touch for health and words (symbols) for food/beverage
At a seminar Mrs. Winkler-Prins met the French Ir. Claude Onillon, who claimed that instead of holding a substance like sugar during the touch for health testing, the test person could also hold a piece of paper with the word ‘sugar’ written on it, obtaining the same effects. Ir. Onillon had the test person lying down, putting a piece of paper with the written word ‘sugar’ on the stomach. On top of the piece of paper he did put a magnet, to empower the proces using electromagnetic power. (The square piece of paper also had a drawing of a magnet on it in the center of which the word sugar was written.) During the seminar he demonstrated his way of the touch for health test and to the amazement of many, the word sugar gave indeed the same test results as the substance sugar. He indicated that it would be the energy or the information of ‘sugar’ leading to the test results.

Touch for health and words, general concepts

In fact it appeared that the arm muscle test could indicate strength or weakness of the test person in relation to any written word or concept. This way of applying the touch for health method opened vast possibilities, but it was difficult to understand how it worked. For instance how to explain that a person thinks that sugar makes him/her strong, but the muscle test with sugar indicates weakness? And how to understand that a muscle gets weaker if tested with the word ‘stress’ and stronger with the word ‘happiness’?  As a work hypothesis was adopted: The muscle test connects to the complete information of which a person consists including the conscious brain, whereas the conscious brain is a part of the complete person that therefore ‘knows’ itself to a lesser extend. Mrs. Winkler- Prins gathered much experience with the use of the touch for health method in this way and in doing so she gathered confidence in this way of working.





Touch for health as diagnose method
Soon she started to use the touch for health method as diagnose method. She developed a systematic way of asking questions to the test person, covering different fields from broad to very focused in order to discover the problem that the test person might have. Most of the time the persons that came to Mrs. Winkler-Prins had problems that could not be diagnosed by the regular medical science. In many occasions she was successful in reaching the correct diagnosis, later confirmed by medical specialists. And the successes made her continue her efforts. (Please see below ‘Success stories’.)


Diagnose leads to remedy
The systematic asking of questions via the touch for health muscle test gives answers to these questions in terms of yes (strong arm) or no (weak arm), thus leading to a precise diagnose. By writing the opposite of the formulation of this diagnose on a piece of paper, and putting this paper and a magnet on the stomach of the test person, you ‘send’ the exactly needed energy to the test person to counter his/her problem. Here is functioning the same principle as with the word sugar. The energy of the information (the formulation of the opposite of the diagnose)  leads to the test results (strong muscle).  However, the positive energy does stays only with the test person for the moment of the test. If the magnet and the words are being taken away, the test person tests weak again. A therapist can hardly keep the test person lying on the bench with a piece of paper and a magnet on the stomach until his/her problem is solved.
* Mrs. Winkler-Prins developed systematic question trees, covering all kind of fields (physical, mental, personal or world environment).

Information of words in water
Ir. Onillon explained that water could be the carrier of information. He claimed that by means of an electro- magnetic procedure he could ‘inform’ water (a solution of water and physiological salt) with the formulation of the positive energy desired by the test person (the opposite of the diagnosed problem).* In that way he could give the test person a small bottle of salty water with his tailor made personalized information to take away. The test person could take the water drops at home. And indeed, the quantity and the frequency to take the informed drops was tested with the touch for health muscle test.
Mrs. Winkler-Prins never knew the exact nature of the electro- magnetic procedure of Ir. Onillon. (She presumed that probably the procedure was the same with the water as with a test person: you put the written word with either the drawing of a magnet or a real magnet together with the water, and this procedure ‘does the job’ of informing the water. Adding physiological salt to the water was possibly done by Ir. Onillon to make the water more like the substance of the human body.) However she saw positive results of the working of the informed water and therefore decided to try to work in the same way, which she did for some months, being dependent of Mr. Onillon for the informing of the water.

Energy of separate letters in water
Working with the informed water gave Mrs. Winkler-Prins the id
ea that in fact she was trying to send a certain energy to people so their condition could improve. Possibly not only words but also separate letters of the alphabet could be used as unit of energy? Also the separate music tones deliver energy, as do musical accords. To be more independent of Mr. Onillon, Mrs. Winkler-Prins decided to order as many little bottles with salty water as there are letters in the alphabet, each loaded with the energy of the a, the b, the c, etc. From then on her work was extremely abstract. She asked test persons via the muscle test whether they desired energy of the a, the b, the c etc. and composed for each person a personalised little bottle with informed water based on the energy of the individual letter combination. (For the combination ‘a-f-j-n-z’ she put drops of a, f, j, n and z together into a new bottle and gave this to the test person.) She realized that this way of working meant a major change.

Major change: working without diagnose
Not only had the work become very abstract, detached from meaning in the normal sense of the word, it also made the diagnose superfluous. The work procedure had step by step changed into simply asking a person his/her individual letter combination via the muscle test.  The procedure boiled down to searching the precise energy/information that an individual person needed, independent of a diagnose.

Standard letter combinations
In the meantime Mrs. Winkler-Prins worked with a group of four collaborators. Several months the group worked in such a way that they tested persons to find their individual letter combination. In time it turned out that several people ‘wanted’ the same letter combinations: the same letter combinations tested strong for different people. The group tested that these letter clusters had a general working. Some people wanted just the energy of those clusters, some people needed in addition the energy of individual letters. At a certain point the group got the idea that the repeating letter clusters could represent a meaning or a concept, but how to find out?



Sanskrit words?
The group started testing (muscle test) again. ‘Do these letter combinations mean something that we can understand?’ This question tested positive. ‘Are they words in a language that we do not know?’ Positive test. The group tested that the language they looked for would be Sanskrit. They started to define the meaning of the standard letter combinations by muscle tests. Now the only thing they needed was a Sanskrit expert to check.

Confirmation by Sanskrit expert
Mrs. Winkler-Prins found a Sanskrit expert in the person of Mr. Caluwaerts, the rector of the Royal Atheneum in Hasselt, Belgium. By the end of the eighties she sent him lists of letter combinations together with their tested ‘meaning’ and asked him to check them, which he kindly did. He answered  
that the letter combinations indeed coincided with Sanskrit words and stams, and
that more than 90% of the tested meaning coincided with the real meaning from the dictionary.
The results of an unknown (detached) ‘research path’ proved to have connections with known reality. After all this time working in an extremely abstract way, with related doubts and hesitations, the confirmation of mr. Caluwaerts caused great confidence in the group’s working method.



Is there a language that generates a stronger energy?

In the current situation the group worked with energy of words of which they now knew were Sanskrit words. Logically they were curious to find out whether Sanskrit would be the strongest language in terms of energy for test persons. The group tested that the language of the disappeared continent Atlantis would be the strongest for the use of the group.

Atlantis alphabet
The Atlantis language was constantly on Mrs. Winkler- Prins’ mind. People don’t even know whether Atlantis existed, so to look for the Atlantis language seemed rather strange. In a dream she saw a few big rectangular letters on a wall. She immediately thought of the Atlantis language. The dream gave her the idea that in case a (the Atlantis?) language would consist of straight lines and 90° angles she should relatively easily be able to (re)construct it. And in fact, using the muscle test and millimeter paper she constructed an alphabet with straight lines and angles of 90°. She tested it to be the Atlantis alphabet*, it consisted of 34 letters and it tested to have a stronger energy than the Sanskrit. (The group even tested the pronunciation and the way one could connect the separate letters in handwriting.)


•    Standard Atlantis letter combinations, zero’s (0) and one’s (1), small drawings
The Atlantis letters followed the same procedure as the Sanskrit letters. It turned out that different test persons ‘wanted’ the same Atlantis letter combinations, clusters. The group developed several sets of Atlantis letter clusters that apparently had a general working. The group tested it would be possible to generate a stronger energy adding two other elements: the energy of a tested pattern of zero’s and one’s and a small drawing, both elements to be generated by testing.
The work procedure in this ‘Atlantis’ phase changed. The procedure became independent from the potentiated water of Ir. Onillon (the a, the b, etc.), because the group tested that potentiated water could be produced by the group itself by means of a pyramid.

The use of a pyramid to generate potentiated water
During extensive testing sessions (muscle tests) the group discovered that they could produce potentiated water by using a pyramid. A 4-sided pyramid of cardboard was made and later covered with aluminum foil. Inside the pyramid a small platform was created on one third of the height. On the platform a piece of paper was put with the 3 elements: the general and individual Atlantis letter combinations for the test person, the ‘zero’s’ (0) and the ‘one’s’ (1) and the small drawings. (On the square piece of paper was a drawing of a round magnet, in the middle of it were the three mentioned elements.) On top of the paper a small bottle with water was placed. The group tested (muscle test) the optimal duration for the water to stay in the pyramid to become more powerful. After this time the water was ready to be taken home by the test persons. Soon the group placed also the name and date of birth of a test person under the bottle inside the pyramid. Each of the actions only were performed on the basis of the touch for health test in order to make the water stronger and to streamline the production procedure of the water and the transport procedure of energy to people.


The development of the pyramid ‘power field’
In the beginning of the nineties Mrs. Winkler-Prins moved from Utrecht to The Hague. From then on she worked alone, with occasional help of others. Instead of the touch for health method she started to concentrate on working with a pendula, to connec
t to the information of ’the all’. She ordered the construction of a copper pyramid and installed it in a specific compass direction on a marble table, put one half round mirror next to it on the table and she had mirrors placed at two walls of her work room. On top of the pyramid she placed a gold colored top as antenna, on two opposite sides of the pyramid a symbol of the eye of Horus were put. On the table she placed a small obelisk of dark onyx. All these actions she performed via the pendulum.  The thus created table she called the ‘power field’. In the beginning she worked in the same way as with the cardboard predecessor of the copper pyramid, but soon changes occurred. 

Drawings become the most important source of energy: symbol energy
Gradually the importance of the Atlantis energy faded. Also the pattern of zero’s and one’s was no longer requested. The drawings became the most important source of energy: symbol energy. Although written words, in a known or an unknown language can also be understood as symbols, by working just with the energy of drawings Mrs. Winkler- Prins considered the ‘symbol energy’ was born.

Objects on the power field

In time the working of the power field could be improved (pendula tests) by putting several objects on the marble table next to the pyramid. Objects of silver, stone, gems, wood etc. So also three dimensional symbols apparently added to the power of the field.

Drawings became bigger and more complicated

In the beginning of the drawing phase Mrs. Winkler-Prins made small drawings. Some were black and white, some were colored. However they grew more and more complex, so she started to use millimeter paper to draw the figures. In the last phase of the developing of the symbol energy therapy – that lasted eight years – the drawings were of rather complex nature, so she exclusively could produce the drawings with the help of the computer and an Autocad program. She tested that the print-outs on A4 format should be put on the marble table instead of inside the pyramid.


Because of efficiency reasons Mrs. Winkler-Prins tested if she could also prepare the bottles with potentiated water outside the pyramid, on the marble table, instead of on the platform inside the pyramid. The answer of the test was positive. So from then on she could produce more than one bottle at the time. Now for each person there was a special drawing, the written name and date of birth on a piece of paper (blank paper, no drawing of a magnet anymore), and a bottle on the marble table next to the pyramid.  

Transport of symbol energy: the use of pictures
By way of testing (pendula) Mrs. Winkler-Prins found out that in addition to (or also instead of) the name and the date of birth of a person a picture of the person could be used, to be able to focus the desired energy in a more effective way. The picture apparently transported the energy into the water more effectively. Now the power field was constantly crowded with bottles, pictures, drawings and pieces of paper.

Production of larger quantities of potentiated water
Mrs. Winkler-Prins is a very organized person. She didn’t particularly like the table being constantly so full, so she tested how she could operate in another way: she tested that she should put a bigger quantity of water under the table and that the energy of all drawings for all persons on the table would be integrated into the water. After having added the special drawing for a specific person to the table and thus to the energy of the water under the table, she would fill a small bottle for this person to use. Now all the small bottles were gone from the table. The pictures (pass photo’s) and the small pieces of paper (name, place of birth) did not bother her. But at that point the drawings still remained and she had to think of a way to get rid of them.

Connecting the computer to the power field
Then Mrs. Winkler-Prins got an idea. She made one crucial drawing (pendula) meaning: ‘connection of all the energy drawings inside of my computer to the power field and into the water’, in short ‘connection’. In this way she only needed to make the drawings in the computer, while only the ‘connection’ drawing needed to be on the table.

The same potentiated water for everyone?
The consequence of the work procedure as described under point 6. above was, that the energy of the drawings that had been generated on an individual basis all were collected in the same water. At first Mrs. Winkler-Prins could not understand this.  She always had done her utmost to fine-tune the energy for each separate individual person. And now she had to give the same water to everybody. There had to be done a lot of testing. The result of which was that each person would only effectively use the energy that was desired by him/her. This process was facilitated by the pictures on the table.

The role of the power field
In the course of time the power field not only functioned as tool to generate the potentiated water, but also served as an instrument to transport or broadcast energy to people.  

Mrs. Winkler-Prins worked for many years, creating new drawings every day. (In the beginning she tried to test the meaning of the drawings. Later she only did this in the case she or the test person was curious to know the meaning of a specific drawing. Sometimes she tested it would not be possible to test the meaning of a drawing.) She tested (pendula) how many drawings she should make every week and when the water would be ‘ready’. She had to work for more than ten years, adding the energy of more than 5000 drawings to the water. During the whole period she made an archive of print-outs of every drawing that she collected in 58 maps, and she made electronic back- ups on diskettes as well. (Please see ‘Archive structure’ below.)