Battery Power – Suppressed

This week I was shown a wonderful, suppressed invention.

The biggest obstacle to world prosperity has been energy. This week I was shown an invention that could change all that.The Ryukyu Electric Power Company showed me a battery they have developed that can store large volumes of electricity at over 90% efficiency. These batteries would make it possible to start up the business model of handing out free solar panels and batteries to households and collect a small monthly fee for a couple of years. After that the households would own it and would never have to pay an energy bill again.

For some mysterious reason no Japanese bank will lend them money and no big corporation will help them get this into production. The reason of course is that up until now anybody who tried to market products of this sort was killed or otherwise suppressed by the big energy companies. According to the American Academy of Science over 6,000patents have been suppressed in the US alone for “national security reasons.”Once this suppressed technology is released we will be able to live in as cience fiction reality.

bron: benjamin fulford blog