I AM ILIJA – free and sovereign creator
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I am Ilija Lakicevic, doctor of physics, research Professor since 1995, and since 2001 been working as independent researcher belonging to no one organized and structured form of energy – neither institution nor organization. During last thirteen years I made real breakthrough and came into mind knowing of cause and, among other things, I made measurements that irrefutable prove that atom is not what Rutherford-Bohr suggested and I’m going to present in this meeting my JULA atom concept with irrefutable experimental proofs, and with a comprehensive study of new concepts with clear intention to throw out of window ALL currently accepted scientific concepts!

The early scientists believed that the world was flat. They could see it with their own eyes. Those words were the belief of the ages. They still are. Ptolemy believed them and changed the whole world’s belief because of it. All that was theretofore accepted as truth was thrown out of the window. Copernicus believed those words and again threw all that was theretofore known out the window. How many times that has happened during the ages up to the expanding universe and the Rutherford-Bohr construction of the atom theories, one does not know because each new concept affected the whole structure in so subtle a way that one could not positively say that the whole of it was thrown out the window. Now is the time to come out of electric awareness of physical expression and expand into cosmic awareness of spiritual expression!

It is not possible for this age of man to comprehend Creator unless false conceptions of electricity, magnetism, gravitation, energy and the construction of the atom, as now conceived, are eliminated and replaced with Natures way and processes.

The fantasy of Neils Bohr’s impossible atom has no resemblance to Nature, whatsoever. The gravity concept at least resembles Nature in reverse, but the Rutherford-Bohr atom has not even that virtue!!!!

When I explain the true nature of electricity I’ll clearly demonstrate that the familiar model of the atom, which shows electrons moving in orbits of many intersecting planes around one centering nucleus, is an utter impossibility in Nature. It defies every principle of the electric current and the wave, and should, therefore, be relegated to pure invention. When we know Nature’s working principle we will comprehend what a shock it is to know that it is possible for an enlightened age to believe that electrons in certain numbers revolve around inert gases. When we know what the office of inert eases is in Nature we will be even more shocked.

When the true nature of electricity is comprehended it will then be possible to comprehend why the Rutherford-Bohr atom concept is utterly unlike Nature. We will gradually understand that all Nature is based upon the love principle which is expressed by giving and regiving. Nature never TAKES. The present concept of gravity is based upon TAKING for it supposedly pulls inward from within itself. Nature does not work that way. Nature does not even "absorb from within", nor are 6yyyythere inward explosions in Nature, nor is there such a force as attraction or contraction. This seems to be an amazing statement but it is a true one, nevertheless, as we will see when we go back to cause and are no longer deceived by the illusions of effect.

Man’s concept of gravity as being an attractive force, which pulls inward from within, is diametrically opposed to the facts of Nature. Gravity is the controlling center of a compressive electrical force which is exerted from the outside of matter instead of within it.

So fully has science been deceived by the illusions of motion that it has built up a great field of its own in the scientific world which is commonly known as nuclear physics. As its name implies, this concept is based upon the belief that the atom is held together from its inside by a nucleus, and that nucleus is composed of certain particles which act upon each other in some mysterious and unexplained way to hold themselves together and cause oppositely charged particles, known as electrons, to revolve around them. These electrons supposedly revolve in shell-like layers around the nucleus. By adding one more electron to each element it becomes the next element in the series.

There are no particles, or groups of particles, which hold the atom together as nuclei. Gravity does not work that way. All creating matter is centered by holes of space except one element in each octave. The energy of Creation centers each note. That centering, invisible, omnipotent Energy is Creator’s mind and our Mind. Naturally we cannot see it, but we can KNOW it, for it is our Identity, and our Intelligence. It is the Source of our creations as it is the Source of all Creations. That is what was meant when Emmanuel told Man that the Kingdom of Heaven is within. That also, is what He meant when he said: “My Father and I are ONE.”

The time has come in human history when all men must know exactly what these teachings of the great Illuminate really meant. The time has come when man’s spiritual unfolding shall awaken the Light of genius – Cosmic Consciousness and Christ Consciousness – in all men. Man will never know the happiness and peace of One World of Universal Brotherhood until that day shall come. Furthermore, the adversary who would keep us in ignorance will utilize the very words necessary for understanding and destroy them in meaning – usually producing a directly opposing definition.

The impossibility of a centering nucleus in the atom is because of the fact that the atom is not pulled together from the inside, it is compressed together from the outside. This is one more example of the deception which motion practices upon those who look upon reflected effects with their outer-senses inste
ad of upon the cause of those effects with the inner-Mind. Remember that a "mirror image reflection" gives opposite perception.

I AM ILIJA – free and sovereign creator


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                                                                                        Amsterdam, February 14th, 2014